Signs Your Roof Needs Repair: Avoid Costly Repair in the Future! 

You may not see the importance of spotting roof damages as early as you can, but it will actually save you hundreds of dollars and prevent some inconveniences that may arise in the future. Without having the necessary roof repair because you are not simply equipped with the right information to identify signs, your roof may deteriorate and crumble after a long whole that will need more costly repairs or replacement. To make it worse, accidents can happen within the family or among neighbors. So, you see, identifying signs is more important than you think.   

The good news is we are here to help you obtain the needed information to easily spot a roof that is in need of repair to avoid such inconveniences that we mentioned above. The following are the signs:  

Shingles in loose or some granules. When shingles are loose or missing, it is a sign that your roof needs attention. Well, what if it is just missing a shingle or two? You still need to do the repair as this already has compromised some parts of the roof which can lead to severe damages that cost more. So, replace it immediately and spend for a shingle or two; otherwise, you will need to purchase more shingles and pay for pricey inspection and repair later on when the damage has worsened. One shingle replacement does not hurt that much. The same thing also applies when you see some granules on a shingle roof. While granules are normal when the shingles are just newly installed, having them on an old roof is an indication of damage.  

A roof that is sagging. Unlike missing or loosen shingles, a sagging roof indicates a more serious problem and thus needs immediate attention and repair, or else, things will go out of hand and accidents will happen. A sagging roof can fall anytime or during strong winds, and who would want that? None. There are many causes of this sagging which include improper installation, natural wear, and tear, and weakened rafters. Typically, a replacement is needed for this issue, no matter what causes it.   

Water damage and leaks. Water leaks can be an indication of several house problems such as insulation problems, gutter blockage, deteriorating walls, and many more. It does not always because of a damaged roof. However, this is one of the many signs that you have a damaged roof. If this happens, we advise you to call a professional service for inspection as leaks can lead to molds growth and humidity that affect the indoor air quality and health issues (without even mentioning structural and foundation problems).   

Some discolorations. Discolorations are normal. For instance, faded colors happen when the roof is exposed to heat or sunlight. The problem, however, is when you see some spots or dark patches. This indicates leaks and/or mold growth that can lead to structural decay and damage. A quick inspection can help a lot when it comes to preventing further damage to happen.   

Lastly, if you have experienced a storm, we advise you to have an inspection immediately after the storm as the phenomenon has damaged your roof.