Important Things to Know Before Having a Pixie Cut  

If you are into trendy hairstyles, we know for sure you have seen and heard of Pixie Cut. But before you get impulsive and head to hair salon Canton, there are important pieces of information that you need to know that can help you make an informed decision.   

The classic pixie cut that has become popular now actually acquired its popularity in the early 1950s before it made a comeback today. Now, women tend to choose this style when they consider cutting short for style or for personal preferences. If you are one of these women thinking about having a Pixie Cut, we list here important information before booking an appointment. Stay on!  

1. A Pixie Cut is not a ‘One Size Fits All’ style.   

Just because it is one label does not mean that it does not have variations. In fact, this haircut style has A LOT of variations that can fit someone’s preferences and aesthetic needs. For instance, there are pixie cuts that are longer than the usual; pixies that have bangs; pixies that have undercuts… the variations almost have no end. How to decide which one suits you the most? There is no shortcut to this. If you don’t like asking your hairstyler this question directly, you can navigate on the options while searching them on the Internet, identify your head shape and best angle, search for the one that complements your shape and preferences, narrow down your options and then tada, choose the one that resonates with you most.   

2. Do not skip identifying your head shape because it is imperative.  

When we said you need to search for the variety of pixie cut that complements well with your head shape, we mean that so well. Just because you saw Katy Perry with a Pixie Cut and bangs does not mean it will suit you well. A short cut reveals your head and its size in all angles. So, choosing the one variation of this style that highlights your insecurities and deemphasize the good angle is an erroneous act. Look at how Tyra highlights her angular jawline with this cut. You should identify your best features, and head shape and ask your styler for some good, honest advice.   

3. Growing the hair out can be a long process  

Once you go short, you will need to be patient in wanting to grow your hair back. This means that you will be cutting more hair than the usual cuts so be ready for long-term maintenance. Moreover, when the hair grows back and you decide to have it long this time, understand that there will be awkward stages in between where you may even hate the results and dread the tedious process.   

Other important things to remind yourself of:  

  • Coloring your hair becomes easier and more convenient  
  • You will need to wear more makeup as a pixie cut looks dull with a bare face  
  • You will need to stick to a new styling routine that resembles that of men’s   

We hope we helped you in making a more informed decision. If you think we hit the right info to share, comment your feedback below!